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Chat live to other drummers about Drums!

411 Drums - Drum Lessons  and more!

Over 2000 Drum Tips!

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Free Drum Lessons online at...

 Learn how to play the drums. Featuring Drumset Books that cover
topics like Reading Drum Rhythms, Drum Rudiments and Drum Solos,
Rock Drumming, Funk Drumming, Blues Drumming, Jazz Drumming,
World Music Rhythms, Advanced Drumbeats, and Foot Clave.
Get the instructional drum books and accompanying CDs.

Over 2000 Drum Tips!

Drums DVD

Learn How to Play Drums with this professionally
produced Drums DVD, "Learn Drums on DVD".

Looking for Drum Tabs? Look no farther than Drum Bum's
famous Drum Tabs Database. Links to hundreds of Drum Tabs.

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Drumset Books

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